QSL Management

Traceable and Secure Delivery

Once the system does the logbooks blind match up, the QSL cards will be sent automatically to both users’ accounts. Then a preview of the card will be displayed on the Manager section. From there, the user will manage the printing and confirmation processes. This preview does not include the confirmation number, it will only be obtained from the printed QSL card. To avoid any illegitimate action the confirmation number should be complemented with a four digits encrypted personal pin number. Also the card destination and delivery process will be traceable thanks to the new online printer technologies available from the major brands (e.g. HP ePrint) and the numerous commercial printing services (e.g. Walgreens, Walmart).


In order to comply with the amateur radio organizations around the world to obtain any award it is necessary to get some level of security. The eBabel System will provide it offering the amateur community a real option of a traditional QSL card taking advantage of the digital universe. The stations will have complete control over the QSL Management, the QSL card wanted and how they want it choosing among various options. How is that? Check QSL Layout.

System Highlights:
  • Authenticity
  • Audit Tool
  • Fraud Free
  • Intuitive & Unique Interface