Our Goal

Stations Complete Control


No more waiting or struggling with the QSLing! The stations around the world will have complete control over the QSL card exchange and confirmation process in a high grade of assurance, fraud free, professional quality, inexpensive and extremely fast system while maintaining a great ham radio tradition.

Imagine a traditional QSL card received almost instantly, the ability of the stations concerning a two way QSO to complete the cycle time of the QSL exchange process in minutes with a traditional card, a process almost impossible to alter or fake, completely traceable with an ID number to confirm. You want to know how?

A Unifying System

The main goal of eBabel is to become a universal QSL exchange and confirmation system offering their users a valid, traceable, high quality QSL card suitable for later awards submission. The eBabel platform is not just an electronic confirmation system, its design contemplates a QSO blind match that generates a serialized QSL card delivered by third-party printing systems (resembling the regular mail or bureau), making it traceable and auditable by any club using an audit trail tool created for that purpose. We pretend to offer one confirmation system suitable to all the needs of our users and any award-granting organization.

At this moment we have to use several systems simultaneously to fulfill our desires and comply with the radio organizations in order to receive their awards. As you know, some systems are not accepted, others doesn’t have QSL cards, so we have to use also the bureau or regular mail to get one. Not to mention the money spend and the waiting time. The eBabel platform is a normalization approach to all these systems. Taking the best assets from all of them, giving the users more options and control over the process.  For these reasons it is difficult to compare eBabel with any particular system in use today.

At the end you will have a quality system, resembling the traditional QSL exchange with a full quality, serialized, valid card giving the ability to any club to verify online the entire process, from the log submission through the confirmation. No system available has all this in one package.


Our Goal Complete Control Over the:
  • Expenses
  • QSL Card Exchange & Confirmation Cycle Time
  • QSL Layout
  • Delivery Options