The Solution

Network-Connected Printers

This makes possible the merge of the two existing methods, the electronic log match and the traditional QSL postcard. The advancement in digital networking and document management makes possible the printing process of a document anywhere on the planet. The only way to obtain a QSL card from the eBabel System is directly to a network-connected printer, the card can’t be saved anywhere outside the server before the confirmation of both stations.


In other words it is like the traditional postal service but using digital networks to transport the card.The stations will have complete control over the printer to be used, the quality of the print job, the ability to choose between a personal or a commercial printer in one of the must effective and secure ways to confirm a QSO. How? Take a look at QSL Management.


System Highlights:
  • Universal QSL Exchange & Confirmation Platform
  • Use Of available Technology
  • Ham Tradition
  • Security
  • Authenticity
  • Expenses Control
  • Multiple Delivery Options

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