About Us

The Idea


The eBabel System was created by Carlos Santiago (NP3NU) in response to the absence of a system well balanced and effective that could offer something to everybody. The inspiration was the lack of a QSL system that satisfied the needs of the vast majority of the ham community neither of the radio organizations around the world.

This system will assure satisfaction to all fellow hams, from those who want or not a paper card to award hunters and those who does not care about it. The two current main systems can offer half through, but it is not enough. We listened to what people wanted and how they wanted it, and as a result The eBabel System was born.

Why eBabel

Nations were born in the antique Babel tower and were dispersed around the world. Ham radio makes the opposite, it brings them back together using one unique language: The QSO/QSL exchange process. But the QSL process does not take place in the ham radio communications like the QSO does, we must rely on this process to alternate and parallels systems.


In this technological explosion era, we depend in many ways on the worldwide digital networks where the wireless systems are the backbone. The many antenna towers around us are part of our landscape; at the mountains, valleys and buildings tops. It is throughout these wireless towers that people are gathering and spreading around the world, they’ve become the new Babel Tower. But this time is different, they connect us together, this time is Where Nations get United.

What’s Groundbreaking

Complete Control over the QSL exchange process. No more postal services, stamps, SASE, money sent, long waits, bureau or unreliable digital service. The users will have complete control over the expenses, the QSL management and the freedom to upload any design without restrictions. No more catch ups, no levels, no more bronze, silver or gold here all stations will be PLATINUM. The delivery and confirmation process will be commanded by the eBabel System using the best security technologies available.


Once the card or text report is obtained the confirmation ID and the station pin number will guarantee that the final destination was achieved and the authenticity of the entire QSL exchange. It is the best combination of both worlds, the digital with the physical universe.