Audit Trail

Traceability Tool

Our primary objective is to give the amateur radio community a valid, modern and effective method of QSL exchange and QSO confirmation. Is our main concern to be in compliance with the majority of the radio organizations around the world using a QSO blind match mechanism and serialized QSL cards delivered to printers. Under these conditions the authenticity of the process will be guaranteed providing the radio organization the ability to audit all the QSL exchange and confirmation procedure between the users using an Audit Trail tool (QAT), available upon request to any award-granting organization.

Pending Process Status Detail

Once the radio organization makes a formal petition to us we will create an account to any individual chosen under their authority (e.g. Card Checkers) to get access into the system. Using the unique ID code of the cards the auditor will see all the history of the transaction. No system available gives that service. It’s the best of both worlds.

Completed Process Status Detail


Audit Trail Highlights:
  • Auditable Transactions
  • Radio Organizations Audit Tool
  • Fraud Free QSL Exchange & Confirmation